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Monday, May 11, 2015

Experiments with Yupo paper

Yikes, has it been almost 3 months since I last updated? Well to make it up. I'm going to post quite a lot these next few days! So where did I leave off last time? February - March....

In my last post I mentioned I did some experimenting then with Yupo paper. It is basically like painting watercolor on plastic. Hard to control but a lot of fun. Unlike normal paper, the watercolor does not get absorbed into the paper. Instead, it sits on top of the Yupo surface. I love the interesting patterns and edges when you do wet-on-wet, but it also means you can't build a lot of layers on top because it lifts so easily. The upside to that is you don't have to save your "whites" anymore and can easily scrub away any mistakes/highlights...

I named it the Aftermath. I watched a documentary last year where a scientist explained that an over populated ocean with jellyfish is a symbol of an dying sea, one of the many effects of global warming/pollution. Since then I had this idea of a single boat passing through an oil spill, revealing our sea over crowded by jellyfishes, creating a beautiful mess. Below are some WIP and final pictures.

I also did a fan art illustration for my friend Ben Jelter (Instagram name @BenJelter ). This is the main character in his webcomic Heliosphere. You should all check this crazy story out, really great stuff. http://Heliospherecomic.com

I like this paper, plan to do some more of these in my spare time!

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