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Friday, October 25, 2013

Demo for my watercolor class, showing them examples of how to use collage in their artwork.

Top: Work in Progress and sketch
Bottom : Finished fresh today!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rich Piggy

Last week I painted this pig as a demo for my watercolor class:

I loved how smug he turned out! So I decided to make a character out of him......lil suit, smoking a pipe and glasses, did the trick! Here he is now:

I used watercolor, color pencil and digitally collaged them together as they were done on separate pieces of paper. When trying out different fonts and phrases, I realized no one I knew know the word "BOSH"! It means nonsense or foolish or unacceptable behavior.

I debated about changing it to something like "Don't be Ridiculous" or "Poppycock", but the tone and feel of "BOSH" just sounds so perfect to me. I think it suits that reaction of total disregard, annoyance and arrogance. My husband just convinced me that I don't need to change or dumb down for the audience, they should get that tone. Plus, it does make the piggy sound more like of a selfish elitist. So I kept it.

Wonder why that word came so naturally to me, is it a british thing? Maybe I still gotz some good old hong kong british chingurish in me :)