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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

baby portraits!!!!

I know how this looks.....I am not baby crazy.
But for some reason I'm just way better at drawing/painting children, hence choosing the career of a children's book illustrator.
BIG Thanks to MUTIA and her wonderful friends, letting me paint their babies! They sent me a couple pictures. So I chose the ones I liked best, and painted the babies in backgrounds I found suitable (to their body gesture and lighting).

I did these paintings just to see if I can. And during which, I revisited the joy of just painting. I love illustrating, and as you can see I cannot stop adding illustrative elements here and there. But sometimes it is so fun to just paint with little or no planning! So there you go, hopefully one day I'll have a side career as a baby portrait painter ;)

Kinda wish I painted her as a giant baby smashing a city.

I touched it up a bit and redid the background.