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Monday, December 29, 2008

The rest of Illustration 2 Watercolors

Fat Baby
mix media, Editorial spot illustration

The Sun Conure Parrot
This project was to do a realistic rendering of any animal/insect of your choice.
now when I look at it again, I see so many mistakes :(

The Sun Conure Beauty
This is the final of that class, we had a choice to use the animal we picked from the previous assignment and make it into a product/character, or to make a CD cover/book cover.
I kinda combined the 2. To fit the elements of the Sun Conure Parrot completely with my character, I gave her red hair, fur(feather) coat and purple stockings.

I also wanted to mimic the styles of Gustave Klimt and the way he incorporates gold, but personally I don't think I did that good of a job.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Head n Hands 2 FINAL!!

omg, this took waayyyyy too long, I think I spent about 25 hours on it! This of course counting in the couple of hours I screwed up and had to fix it.
"funny" story though, so on the day I had to turn it in, I decided to varnish it in the morning.
During the simple process, I accidentally dropped my picture reference into my palette. i didn't think much of it and just roughly wiped it off. But when I was finally done with everything, I used my picture reference to fan my painting, and a HUGE CHUNK OF BLUE PAINT landed right on my nose of the painting!!!!!!
I had to scrape the blue paint off, and repaint the nose :(
All and all, I'm happy with it, Tae suggested me to touch it up a little bit more. (on the left pinky) then maybe submit it to a contest or something.

Head n Hands 2 in class painting

only the decent ones of course ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

African Portrait (watercolor)

This is my most proud piece that I've done in watercolor,
the assignment was to do a narrative portrait. I just happen to find the most beautiful picture of an African girl online couple weeks ago, and I decided to use her as my reference. (of course I changed quite a bit of her skin color to match my piece as well as created her jewelery and this entire environment from other picture references.)
But let me tell ya.....sunsets are so hard to do...I think I've spent about 8 hours on the background and only 5 on her face...
though I was really surprised how I can make the sky glow like that....

omg! its ERIN!!

This is a portrait I did of Erin, oh dear god I've spent way too much time on this...
and the best thing is......she just happen to come with the best hair style for this expression that

Friday, October 17, 2008

heads n hands2

I wounder if you guys see the differences from half a year ago?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Illustration 2 (watercolor)

This is the first piece I've ever successfully accomplished. I remember playing with it when I was in high school. I hated it at that time, I simply didn't know how to use it. But I was surprised how fast I caught up to speed with just one assignment. I guess all I've learned from this school really paid off. The further understanding of color, the painting techniques from oil and gouache really helped me develop a good foundation.

This assignment was to develop a layout design for any store you desire. I got the idea of animals playing with the strings that could attach to the actual rope handle itself, hence a pet shop.
I used the salt technique for the background green and painted the animals with more red or violet depending on which the background color, green or yellow, it was against.

Illustration 1

The assignment requirement was that to illustrate a indoor environment with narrative elements of your own desire in the medium of pen and ink. I ended up with this idea of a adorable and innocent child at home, who decided to go fishing with gummy worms. There is a little problem with the wall-paper pattern, but I don't think it effects the over-all composition too much, so I decided to leave it alone.

Now this one is to do a composite illustration of a good/bad dream/memory. I never remember much of my dreams... so instead, I portrayed my childhood memories of Australia. It was the first time (I was about 6 years old) I was exposed to western culture as well as the magic of nature. I absolutely loved those memories of how I started to flourish and run wild with imagination and adventures. (I did actually caught a bird once..hehe...)

Personally, this is my favorite. I illustrated a scene in the famous children's book, The Little Prince. I absolutely adored that book, and have kept many quotes from it. I know I can never even come close to the actual illustrations commissioned for that book, but it was fun anyhow. :)
(the actual illustrations are beautifully stylized and much more suitable for the actual story, since according to the narrator of the book: he cannot draw well)

This is an editorial illustration we had to do (hypothetically for the New Yorker). It is mix-media of gouache and color pencil.
I tried to poke fun of how the airlines are actually debating whether to charge over-weight people extra for their weight. It is a touchy issue since I can't even imagine how humiliating and insulting it is for these people. But at the same time unfair to those who need to pay extra for the weight of their luggage.

This was for the final assignment of this class. I chose to do the circus themed poster out of 2 other choices. I did it in oil. I got a good grade, but personally I'm not that happy with it.

Todd and todd hair

em.........this is my man..............

according to everyone, he has beautiful hair.....known as ----> todd hair

but his friends call him evil Todd..

Cloth Figure Drawings 2 (drawing dirty with Bill Sanchetz)

this was such a fun class, Bill is just the funniest teacher!
and with just half a year, it was really rewarding to see how much i've improved.
(in speed, skills, grasping the gesture and adding narrative elements)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is the business card/logo I did for my American "dad", Dan.
He owns a landscaping business in Sonoma originally named "Danscapes"
During summer he informed me that he would like to change the name of his company and expand his business.
Unfortunately he did not match with his last graphic designer, and so ask me to give it a shot.
We finally reached a common ground after 6 or 7 tries.
My after thoughts were: graphic design is a whole nother world for me,
it was fun and i was glad Dan liked it, but illustration is definitely a much suitable major for me.


This is a piece I did for perspective class then later on used Coral PainterX to add color.
I am a dog person, I got bit by dogs (accidentally) twice, yet I adore every dog out there.
(once was because i was trying to split up a dog fight, the other was a really really old dog and got scared when i was giving it kisses...)

Cloth Figure Drawings

all these can vary from 5 to 20 minutes
i'm not so sure...

Some of my Oil Painting

this was for my figure painting class. I was feeling awefully sick that week, its a little "half-ass".

self portrait, seriously, asians are hard.......

and my favorite of course is the fire truck.