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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Head n Hands 2 FINAL!!

omg, this took waayyyyy too long, I think I spent about 25 hours on it! This of course counting in the couple of hours I screwed up and had to fix it.
"funny" story though, so on the day I had to turn it in, I decided to varnish it in the morning.
During the simple process, I accidentally dropped my picture reference into my palette. i didn't think much of it and just roughly wiped it off. But when I was finally done with everything, I used my picture reference to fan my painting, and a HUGE CHUNK OF BLUE PAINT landed right on my nose of the painting!!!!!!
I had to scrape the blue paint off, and repaint the nose :(
All and all, I'm happy with it, Tae suggested me to touch it up a little bit more. (on the left pinky) then maybe submit it to a contest or something.


Em said...

Amazing work, Isabella.

Funny story about the blue paint thingy. I feel you pain. I really do. but it helps to teach you to not be too precious with your work i guess. that you can always repaint and make it better. :3 Hope you're having a good break.

bolognafingers said...

This turned out fantastic. Nice edges. Despite all of the drama with your nose the painting turned out really well. I'm really impressed with your paintings they all look great.

Steven Wayne Howard said...

Awesome stuff! Really nice gesture on the hands and capturing your own likeness! :) I'm regretting knowing that I am going to have to use oils again. Blah. Anyway, hope to see you next semester. Merry Christmas!

jubjubjedi said...

Hey, great job on your self-portrait! It looks like you are removie a face-mask. The lighting and likeness is on the spot and we all self-portraits are tough to do. What is the canvas size? Oh, in regard to your question on my blog, I didn't get a chance to go to the last costume carnival, though Ed showed me some pics... the Lord of the Rings/Fantasy themed one was the last I went to.

jubjubjedi said...
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Brandon T Pike said...

Phenomenal work Isabella!! Your self-portrait is really striking and the water-colors are fantastic. Thanks for coming by my blog, I appreciate it. I did layer the gesso, after doing a loose drawing on the board. Keep up the incredible work and have a good rest of your break!!

Nadia Moon said...

ooo, i love this painting. Great job. more, please:))