What am I up to now? (Instagram)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Long time no post!

oh I know its been forever! Using instagram has just gotten so convenient, sharing on multiple platforms in one click, but I'll still update here every month or so with a longer post. 
So what have I been up to lately?

1) Finished teaching summer semester, nice small classes with a group of great students!
Heres some pics of demos and my classes:

Their final projects. They did so well! this is their very first illustration class on their 1st semester!

Heres 60% wip of a Red Panda <3 p="">

I gave this one away to my mother-in-law for her b-day and she loved it!

2) Besides teaching, I've finished all the line drawings for Leo's Ball and is now working on the color studies. It's digital for now, for the speed and flexibility. I'll be using watercolors like the 1st book for the final pieces!

3) And today I'm excited to receive the news that Fuzzball, the kitty character I created (He makes his own rules!) won a contest with Ree! REE is an independent artist friendly emoji platform currently available on iTunes. I'm going to be a featured artist there and I can't wait to paint more Fuzzball!

To find out more about Ree, click on these links: