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Monday, June 24, 2013

Brief Update and a few Plein Air

Boy! Its been a while since I last posted! I am so bad blogging...
Life have been so hectic lately, many new changes and opportunities!

I'm teaching more at Academy of Art University this summer semester. So I have been very busy preparing for my classes. On top of that I am working on my second Sammy book. This time it is titled "Sammy Experiences Jesus". Speak of which, I just noticed the first book is published!! I can't wait to get my copy. http://kids.bhpublishinggroup.com/products/sammy-experiences-god/ 

Unfortunately, with my new work load, I had to hand in my 2 weeks notice at the Art studio (for kids/teens). I'm going to miss those kids.

In other news, The illustration Directory of 3X3 magazine is online now! So honored to be selected. I'm waiting for my copy in the mail. Please go to this link and check out the other artists! http://www.3x3directory.com/children.html

Sadly I don't have much new work to show, most of my freelance work is still under NDA and I haven't got much spare time to do any personal work.... I miss that, can't wait to work on some of my own stuff once the I finish up some of my projects. For now, here are some Plein Air studies. I definitely need more practice!