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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vanished but back again!

Yikes it's been a bit more than a month since I last posted. Sorry about that. Whenever I get busy I just drop everything else. I'm very grateful for a patient husband and friends that are willing to bare with me for periods of time where I don't do anything but work and sleep/eat.

These last 2.5 months has been the most intense work schedule I've ever experienced! I was averaging about 10 hours of work a day (no weekends!) while dealing with an insane sleep schedule.

I am accustomed to the night owl lifestyle since I work with so much focus at night. With a pressing freelance deadline and teaching a full part time hours, it was no time for me to adjust to an earlier sleeping habit. One of my class on Monday and Thursday required me to get up at 7 am, so sometimes if I worked on my freelance till 6am I just ended up staying up and head to class. On top of that I was having my first experience teaching online, and that took up sooooo much of my time! Long story short, it is simply not for me, I do not have the ability to let go and devote less time and energy to my online class. Plus I really enjoy the connection I have with onsite student, as well as chatting and catching up with other faculties.

Usually I work on teaching and emailing during the day, at night I focus on my freelance work. I made much progress on the Sammy book #2: Finished all the line drawings, made the revisions and have completed 1/3 of the color so far. Unfortunately can't post any of that yet, but here is an ink demo of an Owl I did for my AE: Intro to Illustration students. I made copies and gave them out at the end of the semester. They were a great group of kids, some are so talented and hardworking! They gave me the sweetest Birthday card, orchestrated by the sweetest coworker Yuka.

Right now i'm wrapping up the semester, one more day left, after I submit the final grade then I'm done with teaching for the Summer. All I have planned for the next 3 weeks is just finish the rest of my freelance project and finally, FINALLY, catch up on some sleep and social life. :)