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Thursday, August 11, 2011

SCBWI 40th Annual Conference.

I just came back from the SCBWI 40th annual conference. And WOW! I must say.... it was an absolutely rewarding, exhausting and inspiring experience. Learned new information from industry professionals (like Martha Rago, the Creative Director from Harper Collins), heard electrifying speeches from great illustrators and authors (David Small, Gary Paulsen, Jerry Pinkney, Judy Bloom, Bruce Coville......just to name a few), meet some great people, and handed out more promotional materials that I can remember.......

Some information shared at the conference maybe quite basic, but the information and knowledge I've gained through this experience cannot be learned from anywhere but at the SCBWI conference! Also, the dummy book I made for "Leo's Job" got some great responses and I can't wait till it is officially published.

I'm really glad I went and great thanks to my conference buddies Ciaee, Lois and Arthur for sharing this experience with me, you've all have been great and supportive friends!!

Can't wait till next year :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally! Finished project's dummy book and conference

I will be attending the SCBWI conference this weekend and I am super excited!! Been busy printing out promotional postcards, re-printing portfolios, but most of all finishing my book so I can make a dummy book before the conference!! And YES!! it's finally done!! My client and I are both really happy with the results. Big thanks to Lois for teaching me how to bind a book!! Scroll down, I took a few pictures! ;)

charging my ipod, (Todd's) ipad.....thats the cover of my dummy book, Leo's Job! The gold ribbon is only there because I need to attach this dummy book to my portfolio when I get to the portfolio showcase. Not really part of the design or anything....

I hope you enjoy it, Stay tuned, I'll let you all know when it will be printed.
Hope I get a great learning experience and some connections! Wish me luck :P