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Thursday, November 13, 2008

African Portrait (watercolor)

This is my most proud piece that I've done in watercolor,
the assignment was to do a narrative portrait. I just happen to find the most beautiful picture of an African girl online couple weeks ago, and I decided to use her as my reference. (of course I changed quite a bit of her skin color to match my piece as well as created her jewelery and this entire environment from other picture references.)
But let me tell ya.....sunsets are so hard to do...I think I've spent about 8 hours on the background and only 5 on her face...
though I was really surprised how I can make the sky glow like that....

omg! its ERIN!!

This is a portrait I did of Erin, oh dear god I've spent way too much time on this...
and the best thing is......she just happen to come with the best hair style for this expression that