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Monday, December 29, 2008

The rest of Illustration 2 Watercolors

Fat Baby
mix media, Editorial spot illustration

The Sun Conure Parrot
This project was to do a realistic rendering of any animal/insect of your choice.
now when I look at it again, I see so many mistakes :(

The Sun Conure Beauty
This is the final of that class, we had a choice to use the animal we picked from the previous assignment and make it into a product/character, or to make a CD cover/book cover.
I kinda combined the 2. To fit the elements of the Sun Conure Parrot completely with my character, I gave her red hair, fur(feather) coat and purple stockings.

I also wanted to mimic the styles of Gustave Klimt and the way he incorporates gold, but personally I don't think I did that good of a job.


MAXER said...

SO SO nice~ !
I like your good color balance.
I wanna come back to illustration when I see your art works.

Quincy Boyd said...

I'm taking clothed figure 3, and Acrylic figure painting. How about you?