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Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting models and student work

It's been awhile since I painted live models. I forgot how much fun it is!! You can see so much details and so many variety of color when painting live, especially in the shadows. All of that information gets lost in photos. The other thing thats great about painting live is that you get to train yourself to make quick decisions. Most of my work is done in my studio, and every illustration I've painted had a value or color study done ahead of time, solving all the issues I may have before starting my final piece.

Here is a photo of me painting next the THE Bill Sanchez!

That was probably workshop was probably the highlight of these last few weeks. (Thanks George!)
Other than that I've been busy teaching and working on a flyer for the Institute of Reading Development. I can't post anything about the flyer just yet due to NDA. Though I can show you some of my student's work. They just completed their animal project. I'm very proud! Some of them have no previous experience in painting at all.

This week project is an simple environment project using watercolor and collage. Can't wait to see their final results. :)

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