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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fruit tart & port update

So first things first! Here is the properly scanned Fruit Tart painting I did few weeks ago as promised. 

Whats up lately? Got really busy lately preparing for teaching and tutoring for the new Spring semester at Academy of Art University. While on the side, since Early January, I've been working on reinventing the layout/presentation of my portfolio! Here is a sneak of my title page:

I'm still undecided on the title font. Down to these last 2 choices, after eliminating 3 other fonts with the help of a few friends. I will be delighted to hear your preference! This personal project of mine is definitely turning our to be much more work than I've anticipated. The concept alone took me forever to finalize. Turns out when it comes to personal work, I tend to over-thinking things and being indecisive, sometimes less is more! All of those little spots/drawings around my Title will also appear through out my portfolio. I would also redesign my website as well as business card with this theme unifying my "brand".

I'm almost done with the layout. Next week comes my most dreaded stage...PRINTING. This time not only do have to battle with my printer (which often thinks there is a paper jam, instead it is just thicker paper that it suppose to accept) and color correcting, I also have have have to make sure it prints exactly where it should, and not half an inch towards the bottom because the printer moved it up too much.

Hope I get this all done before March when my next project starts! crossing my fingers!


Kelley said...

This looks really good. I love the first font - what's it called?

isabella said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the vote. The name of the font is "Bodoni SvtyTwo".

It is so weird, after all this time, I'm still getting 50/50 vote on the 2 versions. I have updated both versions already, will post that soon~