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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The start of a new year

After a much needed break last December, I'm excited to start the new year! I decided to finally put my foot down and work on redesigning the layout of my printed portfolio and website. New year new look right? I realized last year I hesitated a lot in starting, partially because I was busy, but when i did have the free time, I kept changing my concept time and time again, and hence never really started.

When January rolled around. I decided I've had it and returned the 2nd idea I had wayyyyy back. So far so good, I promise I will blog about it when its ready! ;)

On the other hand heres a food painting and full fig charcoal drawings I did this month. I absolutely looooveee painting food! must do more of that soon!

 Work in progress~

This is just a crappy Iphone photo of my finished painting. I'll post the better scanned version later:

I did this charcoal drawing because I needed to get approved for foundation tutoring, sadly I did not digitally archive a lot of my student work in charcoal. Though it was nice to revisit this medium, reminds me of the good O' student days

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