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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November already?

Phew, time just flies on by! It's mid November already. Work has been crazy! Juggling teaching, finishing painting "Leo's Ball" a sequel to "Leo's Job", painting a set of Fuzzball emojis, worked on an exciting but secret project, preparing for Holiday SF Bazaar, planning for a move and a trip etc etc..... I've never been so burnt out! I need to stop saying YES so much. Just need to push through another month! Crossing my fingers I don't get sick!

Meanwhile heres an update on October, it was inktober and I managed to participate 15 out of 31 days. It was a lot of fun, wish I could do more or spend more time in my sketchbook, these definitely revived my love for ink! Here are my ink doodles:

My favorite ink piece, started as a demo for my class, then I just had to finish it.

Finally got a haircut a week ago! :P

Thanks for stopping by, heres a sneak peak of the endpapers of Leo's Ball: