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Monday, February 6, 2012

3 x 3 directory

Hi Peeps,

Sorry I haven't been updating a lot lately, I've been so occupied with dealing with the business side of things I've hardy got much time to paint! I've been working on a couple sample art for a potential medical illustration gig as well as a spring promo piece of Hansel and Gretel for my agency. I will post those up once I get around in scanning them. Meanwhile, the 3 x 3 Directory is finally out! I've been looking forward to this... so here is a couple photos:

ahhh.... my name amongst so many other talented artists! 

And finally my page!

Thanks for looking :)


Steven Wayne Howard said...

oooooh, medical illustrations! exciting! can't wait to see the work once your able to show it.

joyce matula welch said...

Love your illustration. The girls are wonderful. I love the spirit and the movement of the illustration.

biningshao said...

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