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Friday, September 16, 2011

Tribute To The Great Kazuhiko Sano

Owls symbolize wisdom and foresight, which are without doubt qualities Kazu has as an artist and as a  teacher. Kazu, you've inspired as many of us as the stars in the sky. For that, I must say "Thank you".

For other works in this Collaborative Art Project in Tribute to the Great Kazu Sano, please go to:


ScotlandBarnes said...

While I always love your watercolors - I really want to see more of your acrylics. That owl is awesome!

isabella said...

THX scot! sorry to bug you all the time at the lab. ;)

ScotlandBarnes said...

You don't bug me at the lab. It's people who make a mess of the scanner that bug me! Have to hunt them all down.

isabella said...

I see, gotta get you some bow and arrows then, so you can hunt in silence ;)

Andy Domonkos said...

Very nice work Isabella, I will return to this lovely blog.