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Friday, October 8, 2010

Documentary Cover

Official Cover art for The Nujabes Documentary: An Eternal Soul

Photographer Chris Andersen/Calligraphy Artst Aoi Yamaguchi/ and Watercolor Painter Isabella Kung

I've just recently completed this watercolor painting for a collaboration project with Calligraphy Artist Aoi Yamaguchi, we share a common vision of the final product and she was great to work with. Abe Spiegel, our client and producer of the documentary is absolutely thrilled with our work. It makes me really happy when I see my client so excited.

To check out more about this film: http://nujabesdocumentary.tumblr.com/


Steven Wayne Howard said...

lovin the clouds

Ricky Cometa said...

OMG THIS IS SOOO AWESOME! you must share process pleaseee lol

isabella said...

THX!! oh sorry ricky! i keep forgetting to take pics at the beginning....and the middle....i always realize it half way through....... D:

soulquarian14 said...

this is really, really beautiful - i love the idea behind it! (at least what i think is the idea :P)

Erin Fellows said...

Nujabes, really?? This is awesome! And you never told me you had this job! :P

Great work ^.-