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Friday, July 9, 2010

Girls Staring at TV

This took for~ever~!
12" by 18", watercolor on paper.


Ricky Cometa said...

this is sooo good! you gotta share your work in progress some time

Jia Ling said...

Ooh it looks really good! I love the final product! It looks so much more improved from your initial drawing!

Post up more WIP please XD

isabella said...

@ricky, i'll try to remember to take pics during the process next time....i always forget. and you need to train me to paint outside more!

@jacky, i know, stephen goes through it with thousands of fine tooth comb! so much work, but worth it at the end

Karen Ann said...

verygood I lioked what i saw so far have to go back when I have more time

Karen ann